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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date:Assistive Technology Introduction Health problems affect different people in the society irrespective of their financial abilities; this reflects that the presence of third party philanthropists in the society is important. For instance, my neighbor that is 56 years has been suffering from stage 6 dementia. He is currently experiencing severe symptoms of dementia that are barring him from executing his daily tasks. The man has spent a lot of money for his treatment and currently he is unable to meet his treatment and care expenses. Recently, his family took the man to an AT professional that recommended the patient to acquire technological equipment that can boost his memory or help him manage himself. In this regard, the patient is seeking financial support from Turn2us organization to acquire the recommended assistive technology tools. The AT professional established the following procedure to determine the suitable assistive technology for the patient: The Problem The dementia patient had been suffering from the condition for more than 12 months such that he is unable to perform his daily routines. Some of his chores included instructing psychology at the neighboring university and playing golf during the evenings. He also had a routine of going for a morning jog. However, the condition made him lose the ability to perform the daily chores. The family has to remind him the time to attend to the tasks during the day. Additionally, the university recommended that the patient should stop lecturing for some time until his memory becomes stable. Relevant Data The patient has strengths and weaknesses

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