Assisted Suicide Journal

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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide commonly known as euthanasia is the process of deliberately ending an individual’s life purposely for the sake of relieving their pain. In most countries euthanasia is illegal, but in some states, in the United States of America, the process is legal as long as the relatives of the victims are aware of what is going on. In hospitals, there are many people suffering from serious chronic diseases and the best way to end their suffering is through assisted suicide. As a physician, I would be willing to end the life of a family member suffering from a terminal illness. Seeing a patient suffering each day is very painful especially for a medical physician. However, before doing that, I would first discuss the issue with the patient, and if the patient is unable to talk, then I would involve the family members. If the family members agree with my idea, then I would go ahead with the process. The reason for this is that I will do it with the consent of the patient and the family members. However, before embarking on the euthanasia, there are some limitations involved. The first limitation is the law within the area of jurisdiction. Some countries like Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, and the Netherlands have laws that allow medical physicians to physically help a suffering patient end their lives. In other countries like the U.S, there is a section of states that allow for this process. Therefore, the first thing to consider is whether the law that I operate in allows that procedure. Another limitation is the extent of the disease the patient

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