Assimilation of Latino Youths

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According to Noguera, the problems that are faced by the Latino immigrant youths are not new as they have been faced by other immigrants before such as the Italians, the Germans as well as the Jews (Noguera, 1). However, unlike their predecessors, the problem of assimilation to the American culture is taking long and is posing more challenges than those of earlier immigrants. The main challenges that are faced by the immigrant youths that hinders assimilation are mainly in the education sector (Noguera, 1). Having come from non-English speaking countries, many of the youths find it difficult in coping with American education system where the medium of instruction is English. Besides, most of these schools where the students enroll tend to blame the challenges of coping on the youths themselves ignoring the fact that most of these problems are beyond the immigrant's control(Molloy, Christopher, and Abigail, 179). In addition to the language barrier problems, their education is always interrupted for long since their parents always send them back to their home countries to be reunited with their families for a while to help them cope with the hardships of the transnational families (Molloy, Christopher, and Abigail, 174). Most education institutions blame this on the Latino families instead of trying to understand them or come up with a solution that would help them to be assimilated in their education system and into the American society or culture. In his argument, Noguera identifies education as the main sector that will help the immigrant youths to be assimilated into the American society (Noguera, 1). This is because they are in America as it is the only place they

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