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Name: Topic: Course Tutor: Date: Assignments Assignment 1 When talking about the emergence of new media, it can be discussed as what can be defined as new, but most commonly new media refers to content on the internet and the use of the World Wide Web. Some of the most common new medias are online newspapers, blogs and social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In 2016, the latest stats showed that 40% of the world's population has access to the internet and the amount is still increasing (Internet Live Stats, 1). In the developed world, the society has become quite dependent on the access to the world wide web, though many developing countries still lack access to the internet. Since the emergence of the internet, it has become a resource for knowledge, news and ways of staying connected to the society and the world, all because of the new approach multiple news outlets are using to cover news. The internet has opened up for a new way of covering news that no longer requires the journalist to physically be at the scene to get or report the news. On the internet, a lot of news, events or situations are shared on alternative medias (Facebook and Twitter) faster than on any other mainstream media (radio, newspapers, and television). This can be used to the advantage of a journalist; any information necessary can be obtained online through alternative medias where events are shared through posts, tweets, pictures and many others. This is one of the benefits that the emergence of new media has brought. Another benefit with the internet is that a lot of people have access to it, which creates a global audience. When content is published on the

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