Assignment week 2

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Job Seeking ResearchStudent name Institution I am currently in the process of search a new position as an admin in a hospital. Amongst the site I find most useful are,,,, and is the most essential in finding hospital administration position in the United States. There are numerous job sites. However, have unique search tools that are easy and quick to use. The site also allows users to search job-based on the user location, the type of job one is searching amongst other criteria. Beside the site allows users to company career sites job boards among many other job posting sources. For the purpose of this paper, the company I decided to search was the Children Hospital of Philadelphia. On googling the company name on the net it provided a direct link to the company website and on the organization website, there is the career link ( the sites provides users access to the open position based on the keyword or the code the user enters ("Jobs at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia," n.d.). In addition to the organization website, there were many other links available about the hospital. Of the additional site that pooped I choose to use only four sites that were most reputable. I chose to consider a link for,,, and I preferred the as the site provide jobs for permanent, contract and temporaries professionals. Such form of employment interests me currently. Disadvantages and advantages internal hiring For the survival of any organization internal hiring is essential amongst the first

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