Assignment – Professional Design Practice

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Professional design Practice In coming up with an agreement to form a company, it is essential that there is consideration of the nature of the business so as to arrive at the right kind of company. This view emanates from the understanding that; there is uniqueness in every kind of business depending upon the type of product or service to offer. In coming up with the design company, there is consideration of many issues unique to designing, and also in connection with the focus that there is in ensuring the provision of the best services to the clients with a far-reaching effect of sustaining and increasing the number of customers. In coming up with the design company, there is consideration of the process involved. The first step would entail putting down the prevailing circumstances. The important aspects here would include the financial status, the mutual goal held as well as the extent of the readiness of each in putting all the necessary effort to see the success of the company. There is also identification of the motivating factors. The background knowledge on professional design practice forms a high motivation because it offers the basic knowledge on the best modes of practice in the profession, (Yanchar, Stephen & Melissa, 428). The next step is taking an inventory of the skill set. This phase is a crucial step because it has a basis on the refutation of the assumption that as long as one has the background skills on an aspect, they are ready to go. The background on professional design practice provides the bones of the engagement, but there is a significant need for other business related skills to ensure success

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