Assignment 7

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Public Administration Name Instructor Course Date An outreach program is very critical when it comes to bonding relationship between two organization as well as the two regions. As a professional manager, he or she needs to ensure that the outreach plan stipulates how the project partners, the community members as well as all the stakeholders and the roles which party will play in the planning process. The outreach plan also acts as a guide for the social involvement which is very flexible to changes we need arises. Being the city manager, I am looking forward to developing a robust outreach plan which will enhance a long-lasting relationship with our sister city I the southern border. In our first meeting, the following are some of the agenda will we will be discussing. The first plan will be on the formation of a committee which will ensure that the outreach program has come to fruition at the end of the exercise. The second idea will be on how to reach to our sister city on the southern border. We will discuss the techniques which will employ to ensure that they accept our request (Johnson & Borrego, 2009). We are going to talk about the benefits of the bond primarily regarding economic as well as financial between the two cities. The third gender is the integration of earlier outreach to all the stakeholders who are to serve as the pioneer of the public engagement. The Creation international opportunities as a way of enhancing the relationship between the two cities. One of the most effective ways of creating the international opportunities for the bonding of the two municipalities is through sports. The sports activities between the two towns will

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