Assignment 1: Politics – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Politics - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Student’s Name University Affiliation Politics - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow a) Montgomery Bus Boycott The Montgomery Bus Boycott started on the first day of December 1955. The Boycott began four days after an African-American woman, Rosa Parks, declined to give her seat for a white man while boarding a Montgomery Bus (Gitlin, 2013). She was arrested and fined which prompted all blacks in Montgomery to boycott using public buses. This incident lasted for 381 days, and it is considered as a pivotal civil rights protest to dispute segregated sitting on public buses. The US Supreme Court banned racial segregation in the transit system in Montgomery, Alabama. Civil rights movements have waged a protracted struggle to eradicate racial discrimination in the society. The Montgomery bus boycott instigated fruitful racial relations between the whites and the blacks. The American Society is multi-ethnic and therefore calls for peaceful coexistence between dwellers. Societal development is dependent on the collective responsibility of the existing population in the quest to achieve political, social and economic development. B) Selma to Montgomery March The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) planned a mass protest from Selma to Montgomery in the quest to protect the voting rights of the black population. The March 1965 incident received support from most Americans, and President Johnson addressed the Marchers. Later in August, the US Congress passed the Voting Rights Act that was a relief to all the black voters. The Act reassures that every American citizen who has attained the voting age limit, 21 years, is

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