Assessment Details Drawing on the case study you are asked to write a brief essay (1500 words) for the CEO of Bank A being a Malaysian company. You are to provide your views on the following four que

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The Role of HRM in Strategic Organizational Change Student’s name Course + code name Professor’s name City, State Date of Submission The Role of HRM function in Strategic Organizational Change Question 1 Organizational change and development (OCD) are regarded as the “key theme” in the business and management literature (Wilton 2016). The relationship between people management and change management is expressed through the union of activities which are associated with disciplines such as Human Resource Management (HRM), human resource development and organizational development. This article is aimed to discuss the role and importance of HRM in an organization in the current changing nature of work. In this article different observations of the senior managers will be stated; having that various questions are raised regarding how the Human Resource Management (HRM) understand the performances of businesses. A research that was performed in Malaysia, it indicated that various senior managers consider HRM's functions as yet to achieve a precise strategic focus (Bolman & Deal 2017). However, there are different reasons to why HRM is deemed to be relevant to an organization. The Human resource management touches on all components of an organization. The HRM is thought to focus on every organizational activity such as the hiring of employees to wage and benefit administration. It is the role of the HR to monitor the worker’s experience and maintain a swift flow of business for an organization. The HRM is considered significant having that it plays a vital role in strategic planning and creating the image of the organization (Wilton 2016).

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