Assessment and Instructional Plans-AIP

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Assessment and Instructional Plans-AIP Name Institution Assessment and Instructional Plans-AIP Introduction Every industry requires having the appropriate tools which are useful in delivering the best results within that particular industry. For instance, if one aspires to be the best carpenter he is required to learn first during training the specific tools that are required for this specific job together with the appropriate way of using them. I can perceive this to be the same case in teaching the students together with assessing them regarding reading when the student is under training. Reading is the vital skill which the students are going to use not only during their K-6 students but also for their entire lives, and thus it should be taught properly to ensure its skills' mastery. I am much aware that I am required therefore to provide my students with essential tools for this particular job as I teach them on the way to apply and use these specific tools for them to become successful readers. Grade and Age of Student Assessed: Second grader, age 7 in our Case using the name Sam. Assessments Chosen and Summary of Area Assessed: Motivational Tools I incorporated two main tools which include; attitude survey and motivation tool when basing on the interest of the student to evaluate my student’s phonemic awareness. I decided to use the reading tool because I understand well that reading motivation normally encourages the students in advancing their abilities together with practicing the reading skills. The survey mainly concentrated on discovering the personal motivation of reading Using the K-6 student. The student completed the attitude survey

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