Assessing a Web Site

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Evaluation or assessment of a site essay is a crucial activity that has to be embraced. In the recent past, website essays, papers have been reported to be flooding the sites like nobody’s business. This issue has induced alarm to all stakeholders to commence diagnosing the credibility and validity the essay papers. Factoring such matters to be tackled or handled brings about an assessment of website articles. What defines the quality of a website is the content that is incorporated in it. The sources of a research paper are critical in the provision of quality content. For instance, the source of argumentative research papers will be more valuable when it comes from reputable sources and not from upcoming or speculated sources. In my essay I will be concerned with; reasons of assessing a website article and importance, the advantages of having an excellent source of information for an argumentative research paper. The website is not only a research tool to an organization or an institution, but also it is the core and backbone for the dissemination of information to their customers, the feedback of the information directly influences the profit and loss margins of an organization. A good and quality website will attract more customers leading to coherence, reliability thus more selling, a good rapport is created between the company and the people at large. To be specific, a good website will attract more people and uplift their incentive of revisiting the site. A site with a well outlined; logo, pictures, videos, and other graphics is more appealing to the eye as compared to those that lacks such feature. The website essay papers should be free from just to mention a

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