Assault weapons should be banned.

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Thesis Recent incidences of mass shooting in most parts of the nation have necessitated the need to revisit and amend gun laws with the sole intention of banning the sale, ownership, and use of assault rifles. Sources Brennan, Pauline Gasdow, Alan J. Lizotte, and David McDowall. "Guns, Southernness, and gun control." Journal of Quantitative Criminology 9.3 (1993): 289-307. Different regions in the US will have diverging opinions and viewpoints regarding the decision to ban the use of assault weapons. This can be attributed to existing cultural factors which are precise and peculiar to a given locality or state. Brennan and his two colleagues set out to explain why the level of strictness or leniency when discussing gun control differs from one region to another. However, their study precisely focuses on the southern side of the country since the majority of those who oppose the initiative to ban the use of assault weapons reside there. This can be proved by the quote, “Southerners, in general, were the most opposed to permits and handgun bans” (Brennan, Lizotte and McDowall 290). This article will be resourceful in identifying why the bill on gun control is yet to be enacted into law. The most apparent and obvious reason would be probably because the majority of the southern states have refused to back the move to have gun control laws implemented all over the nation. Cohen, Philip. "American tales of guns and ignorance." New Scientist 184.2479-2480 (2004): 4-5. In his article, Cohen argues that the US has created a brooding ground for gun violence because “gun ownership laws and strategies

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