assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Assassination of Archduke Franz The assassination to Archduke Franz refers to an occurrence more than 100 years ago, when a young Serbian nationalist succeeded in gunning down the Archduke Franz Ferdinand alongside Sophie, his wife. The incident took place as their motorcade was in the process of moving through the Sarajevo streets. Ferdinand happened to be the next in the line of the throne of the Austro-Hungarian. However, there was much dislike for him in the aristocratic circles; prompting the plans for his assassination. As the plans were underway for his murder, no one imagined the full extent of the impact. However, upon his quick death, there happened to series of events culminating to the sprout of the First World War. Background Despite many objections from his relatives, Ferdinand went ahead to marry Sophie, a girl with whom he was deeply in love. Sophie was from obscure Czech nobles. The expectation was that Ferdinand, as the next in the line for the throne would marry from a reigning dynasty of Europe or a former one, (Mombauer, 24). From the considerations of the background of the wife, the children of Ferdinand got a regard as not worthy of the inheritance of the throne, hence the plans to eliminate Franz. There was an utter disregard of Sophie as the wife of the commander, and she would receive petty slights as a result of her background which she could not change. For example, during imperial banquets, Sophie would enter the rooms as the last person and would usually not be in the accompaniment of any escort Most of the times, in such banquets; she would not sit anywhere near her husband. Despite the much

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