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Asperger syndrome is a mild form of Autism spectrum disorder, one that might be exhibited by Tommy. A comprehensive assessment of Tommy should be the first thing on her mind. The family of a child with is presented with numerous challenges in their endeavor to build a good relationship with the child. It is critical for the family to learn more about autism to provide Tommy with the needed support. Tommy’s mom must be informed that the child has a right to a free and an appropriate education, because, under the IDEA Act, states are mandated to offer every eligible child with a public education that merits their unique needs. Moreover, the law specifies that children with disabilities, such as...

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Asperger syndrome. However, Autism Speak's publication of 2016 combined all the condition into Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a way of finding a better way to manage the conditions under one umbrella. However, the management of the people with ASD remains varied according to their specific condition that an individual faces, as well as the severity of each condition. Most of the ASD conditions are categorized into mental health issues which are in many cases most severe and learning disabilities which are in many cases most common (Billstedt, 2000). 11- Earliest Signs of Autism Children who cannot respond to their names yet they are of the right age for that may cause an alarm for the possible...