Asian American Research Analysis

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Asian American Research Analysis Student’s Name Institution Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract Asian Americans represent the community with the highest income, fastest growing, and best educated in the United States. The ethnic group consists of immigrants or their children from lots of nations in the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, each having a distinct background, language, culture, and routes to America. Besides, about 70 percent of the Asian Americans perceive that when one wants to get ahead in life, he or she must be willing to work hard. On the other hand, the exposure to the American culture makes the Asian Americans adapt to the culture, causing the acculturation. Aside from the demographics features, specific marketing characteristics of Asian Americans are also considered. Concerning their marketing features, Asian Americans have a strong purchasing power, a high preference for the Internet products and services, retail commodities, food, and housing. Besides, as compared to other races, Asian Americans spend more time on payday money and shopping. Asian Americans like brand names, but there is a frequent switching of the brands. Ultimately, with regards to the attitudes towards the education, it is observable that the Asian American parents place much pressure on their children to pursue different courses and achieve a higher education and career success. Since the ethnic group value education much, the children and youth are influenced to go to school and achieve a college degree at minimum. Asian American Research Analysis Introduction The objective of this research analysis is to identify the Asian Americans

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