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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Article Summary The article, "Apple Is about to Help Save Thousands of Lives" discusses the potential benefits of the new iPhone. The new iPhone has features that enable one to acquire emergency services easily after they contact for assistance. Moreover, the article discusses how Apple has introduced improvements for Siri, Health, and ARKit in the iOS11. The company aims at applying a powerful technology that can help gather accurate data about a person whenever they seek for emergency services (Evans). This will involve the application of Advanced Mobile Location (AML) which was created by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA). The system has been installed in the mobile networks of various countries such as the United Kingdom, Austria, New Zealand and Estonia. More nations are expected to adopt the system and install it on the android devices. The technology is advantageous than other standards like Cell-ID which were used traditionally when there were emergency calls. The Advanced Mobile Location is likely to improve the location accuracy by 4,000 times. Furthermore, the technology is only activated by an emergency call. The emergency alert is then transmitted to the emergency services centers. It is then deactivated after the emergency alert is received (Evans). According to research conducted by EENA, the technology has already saved lives. For instance, in New Zealand, the police were able to rescue a man who was stuck on the railway tracks. Moreover, it was applied in Estonia to save victims who had been involved in a serious car accident. The technology has enabled Apple to establish multiple

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