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Article Review The objective of the current research conducted by Warren, Iñiguez, and Alcantara aims at understanding the effects of combined administration of methylphenidate (MPH) and fluoxetine (FLX) in juveniles (10348). It is vital to highlight that FLX and MPH are used to treat children with ADHD and MDD and are sometimes utilized in combination. However, there are concerns of concomitant drug use among juveniles as a combination of MPH, a stimulant, and FLX, an antidepressant, may induce pharmacodynamics similar to those of cocaine. As such, the research question sets to identify the long-term neurobiological effects of using MPH + FLX treatments in juveniles. In particular, the researchers aimed at investigating on functional receptiveness to rewards, mood-alteration impetuses and examining neural responsiveness. This research is important as it helps elucidate further on the impact of MPH + FLX therapy on juveniles. The methods and procedures followed a systematical approach. The first step involved treating the sample population with drugs (MPH, FLX, and cocaine). Subsequently, an experimental design was implemented that separated the sample population (in groups of four) into two groups that is, long-term and short-term testing. Successively, place conditioning (for cocaine) followed. The methods and procedures are also incorporated sucrose preface tests, an elevated plus-maze examination, forced swimming, analysis of basal locomotor activity, qPCR, Western blotting, use of viral vectors, animal surgery for histology and transgene detection. Additionally, statistical analyses using mixed designs such as ANOVA, LSD, and Student’s t-test were employed to

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