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Article Review Business Studies Professor Date Summary Many factors are contributing to domestic outsourcing among the small and medium companies in the United States. The different time zones between America and Asia has pushed the firms to outsource to companies in the same continent (Lohr, n.p.). Besides, the language barrier and language between the locals and offshore companies in foreign companies reduce the competitiveness of corporation. It is essential to note business are adopting mobile apps and websites as an interactive platform for the employees and the potential customers. For the company to take advantage of the mobile apps and websites, it requires employing domestic workers that understand business needs and the customer's behavior. The increment in demand for technical services in companies has also led to the hiring of employees in the local labor market. Political reforms that focus on creating employment for residents in America has been crucial in fostering domestic outsourcing (Lohr, n.p.). Notably, the local talents have excellent skills offer quality services to the companies. The government has also been keen on curbing immigration to mitigate the level of unemployment in the country. The other force promoting domestic outsourcing is the rising labor rates in India and other countries that have been a haven for outsourcing (Lohr, n.p.). Notably, a significant number of companies that have adopted domestic outsourcing are a small and medium corporation. International companies have outsourced a substantial portion of their operation to offshore labor markets in Asia though some companies have plans to localize most of the activities

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