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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Article Review Introduction The article on review is “Hanging: The Mysterious Case of the Boy in the Barn” by Julia Prodis Sulek which was published on August 27, 2017, in the newspaper, The Mercury News. Sulek includes a detailed analysis of events in Josh’s life before his suicide. By employing vivid description and the rhetorical appeals of ethos and pathos, Sulek makes the audience comprehend the events that took place before and after Josh’s life. Summary The article includes the story of Josh who lost his life when he was nine years old. His body was found hanging in his father’s barn in which the associated conclusion was that John committed suicide as a result of the pressure that he felt from his parents’ custody battle. Twenty-five years later, the case receives attention again on what might have actually happened with a small boy like Josh to commit suicide. Sulek goes into details whereby she includes Josh’s life story, interviews with the individuals that he associated with and his environment. She also includes a description of the investigations that took place immediately after Josh died twenty-five years ago and the current investigations. Discussion of the Evaluated Article’s Purpose The article is unique as it includes six chapters of detailed content. It can be viewed that its overall purpose is to inform the public about Josh’s case with respect to the events that took place during his death and the current investigations. The article begins by introducing to the reader the beginning of the current investigations of the assumed suicide. The writer uses a visual image of a

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