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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Article Review Brian Eastwood, in the article Why the EHR Market Is Poised for Disruption, argues that not everyone will benefit as expected from electronic health records. From an individual perspective, he includes a comprehensive review of the issues associated with EHR systems on vendors and the problems brought about by the systems in the medical environment. The associated view is that the EHR systems are unable to sustain their status quo and that issues such as consolidations, mergers, bankruptcies, and consolidations are bound to happen when employing the systems in the medical industry (Eastwood). Eastwood includes the view that workflow tends to be a problem on most EHR systems. From a personal viewpoint, this can be attributed to the fact that there is a constant flow of information and hence makes it important for the medical practitioners to be aware of any changes taking place in the systems. The fact that patients are allowed to view and transfer their records also posits a challenge on workflow. This also explains why some medical practitioners may prefer not using the EHR systems and instead use the traditional forms of managing data. The merit associated with the article is indicating the fact that workflow in the EHR systems presents problems in which the writer includes the possible changes that may occur to make the management of the EHR systems more efficient. Eastwood mentions workflow integration as the solution to the interoperability associated with IT in the medical environment. The integration, in this case, enables accuracy on the data regarding patients’ health, and the collection of

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