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Research Article Review Name: Institution Affiliation: Significance of Study Diabetes is one of the diseases that has put a need for concern because of the high rate of deaths it has caused. The high cost of treatment poses a significant threat to individuals. Prevention mechanisms, on the other hand, come with complications (Skelly et al., 2008).Dealing with the needs of different populations, therefore, requires a careful analytic system to cope with the challenge. The study below focuses on the needs of the African American patients. Theoretical Framework Many theories related to this topic offer viable solutions to dealing with diabetes issues. The research topic focuses on coming up with a symptom-focused approach that will help individuals know their symptoms and how they will deal with self-care. According to Teel et al, (1997), health care facilities that take the regime of processing patients' symptoms, are a platform where patients make an assessment of their symptoms and how to adapt to a self-care management routine. Methods of Study The method of study used was the qualitative type of research method. A review of literature and adoption of an intervention protocol. Nurses at a selected health facility engaged in an extensive interview with patients to know their perceptions concerning their symptoms and care for diabetes. Ethical Consideration The research strategies followed acceptable actions that would be useful to participants. The fact that older women were the home keepers in their families was considered (Skelly et al., 2008). Spirituality in these women lives and their value as individuals was also acknowledged. Research Design A

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