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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Title: Date: OUTDOOR RECREATION PARTICIPATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN THESIS It has been mentioned that participation in outdoor recreation event increases awareness of environmental issues, enhances pro-environmental attitudes, and improves the likelihood of supporting environmental conservation. There are two hypotheses concerning the association between pro-environmental behavior and participation in outdoor recreational events which are tested using population survey data. METHOD Data was collected in a general population survey from a random sample of individuals in four agricultural communities. Studies were selected based on an empirical classification on the level of agricultural presence, reality and growth. EVIDENCE Outdoor recreation participation and environmental behaviors First, participation in outdoor recreation increases direct experiences with the natural environment and can also increase participants' attachment to areas where they recreate. Second, outdoor recreation participation can offer learning opportunities that are likely to influence recreationists' environmental attitudes. Finally, outdoor recreation participation can be thought of as a pathway to and a marker of sub-cultural membership. One distinction between types of outdoor recreation is consumptive versus non-consumptive activities. Consumptive activities involve the participation of participants physically takes something directly from the recreation setting. A non-consumptive activity includes enjoyment of the natural environment without removing anything. Determinants of pro-environmental behaviors and conservation Participation in

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