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Student’s name Instructor Course name Date Article Critique The article "Out with the long" advocates for shorter words. The author argues that the shorter words are better than the longer ones because the former has strength in explaining the facts about the topic being discussed. The author argues that on a person's bad day, shorter words are best since they are easy to say and grasp by the listener. The article goes further to argue that shorter sentences make it easier to read a text that one can find easy to turn over to the next page to read more. The author used one of Winston Churchill's famous quotes, "short words are best; old words are the best of all when short." In the quote, Winston advocated for old words to be better than the current ones. He mentioned that the words were even better when short. The author of the article meant to suggest that shorter words make more sense than the longer once. Short words are stronger when delivered verbally or in written form. The author does not entirely claim that long words are not compelling. However, longer words can mislead the reader or listener since they tend to lose meaning mid-way. The author has used ethos, logos, and pathos to write the article. Therefore, the text focusses on explaining the advantages of using shorter words that give direct and robust meaning. The author who is also an anonymous editor of the magazine, The Economist, agrees with Churchill that shorter words are better than the longer ones. Language gurus also agree with this argument. Almost everyone while in school has been told to "keep it simple," especially in exam papers. Tutors do not like looking for facts in the answers

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