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Article Critique 5 Student’s Name Institution Date Question One: Method of Data Collection The article by Brown, Stevens, Troiano & Scheider (2002) is a qualitative research that seeks to enhance the understanding of the educators with regard to the experiences of students. The method of data collection used for this study is interviews. The participants are presented with questions and their responses are recorded for data analysis using the grounded theory study. Question Two: stages of coding The data analysis in this article is based on three types of coding procedures which include: Open coding which takes place at the commencement of the study. The major goals of this type of coding are to categorize and conceptualize data obtained by asking questions and comparing the data; Axial coding which takes place at the subsequent data analysis stage. The key focus of this procedure is to construct a model that gives details of the exact conditions that leads to the occurrence of a phenomenon. In essence, this procedure involves the actions, interactions, conditions and consequences that actualize the whole analysis; Selective coding which is the closing data analysis stage. This stage relies on the basis of the preceding axial and open coding styles. This procedure entails selecting the core categories and analytically relating it to further categories, confirming those relationships and substantiating categories that require further modification. Question Three: Method of Qualitative Data Analysis This qualitative analysis employs the deductive approach by using the study questions to the group and compares the data. Being that the

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