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Name Professor Title Date Beauty and Art Beauty is a measure of emotion or a ration of affect. Prettiness is not what determines beauty. For example, a person may find it easy to express works of art as beautiful but cannot express pretty pictures of something as beautiful. Anytime something is praised for beauty; there must be something in the thing that brings out the beauty. Therefore, the beauty of something is derived from its properties. Thus beauty is a supervening property. It is true that things can be beautiful in several venerations and not beautiful in other respects. Several philosophers have come up with different versions of what makes something beautiful. Kant, a philosopher, says that beauty is subjective (Kant 90). Beauty exists in mind. This makes people perceive beauty differently. A person may perceive beauty while another perceives defect on the same thing (Kant 93). According to Aristotle, beauty in living creatures means that parts are arranged in order. Aristotle says, “The chief forms of beauty are order and symmetry and definiteness, which the mathematical sciences demonstrate in a special degree” (Aristotle 36). According to Nietzsche’s, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (Nietzsche, et al. 58).This clearly shows that philosophers have different views on beauty and what makes something beautiful. Any innovative artifact that has robust aesthetic and inventive appeal is referred to work of art. Work of art may be represented by physical objects that satisfy an autonomous aesthetic function. Also, any other creativity that fulfills aesthetic function can be referred to as works of art. Application of human imagination and

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