Art therapy may improve social interaction in the ages of children from 3-6 with autism

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Art Therapy may improve Social Interaction in the Ages of Children from 3-6 with Autism Student’s Name Institution Course Instructor’s Name Date Art Therapy may improve Social Interaction in the Ages of Children from 3-6 with Autism Research Methodology The research methodology applied in this study was the case study. The researcher used case studies of many children aged between three and five years. The case studies involved the description of the birth, communication, and development histories of the children. Specifically, the researcher identified whether there were any problems or complications when the children were being delivered, how the child developed speech and communication, behaviors in the school in regards to the interaction with other kids, and the use of verbal and nonverbal means of communication (McPheeters et al., 2016). The Communication Symbolic and Behavior Scales Development Profile instrument was applied to find out communicative competence and relevant data about social communication advancement for children below six years. Again, the Picture Exchange Communication System tool was applied to offer the children with a consistent communication structure to determine their symbolization (McPheeters et al., 2016). Results Sample populations from the studies pertinent to this literature review were obtained and summarized. The focus of the study was the use of art therapy as a way to enhance the social interaction for children between three and six years with autism. The aspects of autism in children included the social interaction difficulty, communication problems, self-expression challenges, and applying the cognitive

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