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Art of Cinema Night of Truth The message by Colonel Theo can be interpreted in many ways in relation to varied situations of the film. Colonel Theo is displayed as a person who loves to speak in poetic forms rather than clear messages; therefore, his message even during this last act of the film has different meanings to different people. First, the message can be interpreted as a form of loyalty among the soldiers who led the opposition team. It is an indication that death does not change the loyalties of the people. It is both a condolence message and a vengeful utterance reminding the people of the unity they have had since birth and the promise that none will be forgotten. The message makes the audience privy of the events leading to the present situation. It is also an expression of inner conflict and it helps to develop the character. Although Colonel Theo was the leader of the opposition, he displays himself equal to every other member of his team in this message. On the other side, the message can be interpreted as a welcome note to the peace that the kind sought to establish with the opposition. The colonel is in agreement with the king that both sides of the conflict have endured similar atrocities and their differences can be outweighed by the many similarities they share. At the end of the celebrations, the cast is shown standing over the dead bodies of both sides of the team, an indication that they endure similar problems and succumb to similar issues. The title of the message “the crossing” has several meanings because the message itself has several meanings. The Colonel titled his message this way as an indication that they were ready to move past

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