Art diary and final reflection

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Art Diary and Final Reflection My final artwork project was divided into two phases. The first was an experiment on mixing paints and what the effects would be. The second part was the final reflection where I recount my main project’s entire process. Part 1: Experiment on Mixing Paint. Test Light Glow Effect. For this part, the desired effect was to achieve a light glow effect on the painting I had done. I began by testing a bit of yellow colored ink and mixed it with acrylic. The ratio of mixing was about 80% of the yellow ink with 20% of acrylic. I then added a glow to the solvent at a ratio of 1:1 with the paint. The results were incredible and could be adequately seen when in the dark once lights were turned off. The biggest advantage of this glow paint was that it could stay as such for up to 72 days. This was according to the instructions that I used to combine the mixture. Below is the result of the experiment. Test Flame Color Effect with ink and Light Glow Next, I wanted to achieve a flame color, and this would be accomplished by mixing acrylic paint. The colors combined were orange and a light glow solvent. They would be mixed in a ratio of 50% orange and 50% solvent. The result, however, was not what I expected. Test Mixture of Orange color Ink with Light Solvent. I made a mistake by using a ratio of 50% to 50%, as the mixture was “too liquid like” and could not produce the desired effects. I thus realized that apart from the solvent, I also needed to use gel so that the mixture would be stable and ultimately create a thick texture. Test the texture by adding gel to ink Once I added the gel, the mixture appeared as such. Test

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