Array of Benefits

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Array of Benefits Higher Learning institutions are at the apex of molding both young and old members of the society, and therefore it is important to understand the benefits drawn by individual learners and the whole society from higher education. As a high school student with hopes of joining an institution for higher learning after completing high school, it is critical for me to understand what benefits I will accrue from furthering my studies in higher learning institutions. I chose the topic on the array of benefits drawn from higher education, first, because of how significant acquiring this knowledge is to me as an individual and, second, for the whole society. Furthermore, the article also provides a highlight of what to expect in higher learning institutions along with the social set-up in these institutions. The information gathered from this activity has enabled me to understand the extent of political, socio-cultural and economic diversity in higher learning institutions. I also learnt how to handle diversity and make it a strength by learning how to interact with different people in a single learning environment. I have also learnt that higher education plays an active role in the society by creating a foundation for cohesiveness among individual members of the community, for example, lowering crime rates. I also had the chance of understanding how higher learning shapes people's views on political issues and how it influences people's decision on their civil rights like voting. Additionally, my reading also enlightened me on how technological advancement links to a higher level of education. Based on the coverage of my course content, I would modify the

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