Argumentative Essay on Legalization of Prostitution

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Argumentative Essay on Legalization of Prostitution The current century has been marked with many modifications in the people’s views on the universal civilization. Diverse bodies have been involved in campaigns to champion for the moralities of people who are involved in acts that have always been seen as anathemas for many years. The actions include human cloning, abortion, physician-assisted suicide, rights for the same sex, prostitution among many others. The reason behind this is because the democratic world allows each person to choose the kind of lifestyle that they need wish to emulate. Therefore, a lot of controversies have been raised in the current world on the issue of legalization of prostitution. The act has been taking place in many countries, but very few countries have legalized it up to date. I believe that the demand market for prostitution is generated by some cartels who buy a woman’s sexuality for their gain and inclination. The occupation has used many women and children who have made some people reap enormous profits for organized crime in many nations of the globe. We live in a society where many women and children are trafficked from both developed and developing nations as a form of the sex trade. Hence, I view this type of commerce as a contemporary slavery, and it is expanding at a higher rate. Consequently, this paper shall discuss the controversy around the legalization of prostitution, and support the stand against prostitution legalization. Prostitution epitomizes a falsification of common ethnic values, defilement of religious moral lessons and a venality of humanity. It embroils profit-making sex, where people earn a living by

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