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Name of Student Name of Professor Course Date I Would Want to Live Forever Being alive is a good thing. It allows one to do things and experiences that inorganic matter or a dead person cannot experience. Death, on the other hand, is the end of life. A dead person has no feelings, experiences or expectations. Life has a meaning which every individual is at liberty to define. Some individuals, however, the loose meaning of life and have no purpose or sense of direction. They could be described as alive while dead. This is a state of losing meaning in life. The state of being dead is rather disturbing to me. Simply because of the fear of the unknown with what happens after I die being a puzzle. The state of being dead in my view is of no consequences on its own, but it is unfortunate because it prevents one from enjoying experiences of being alive. Susan Wolf seeks to establish the truth of human life. She concludes that life has to mean in her concept of the meaningfulness of life. Wolf views life in the concept of meaningfulness. She argues that there are things that we do out of love but not for ourselves. She is in the view that being in pursuant to other people’s interests rather than our own gives life meaning. Her views on life have meaning when we have a love for something that is outside ourselves. This may include active engagement with something that we love or actions we enjoy being part of. She, however, argues that we may love something that deserves not, thus rendering life meaningless. To find the meaning in life subjective attraction has to meet with objective attraction. A meaningful life is the one that would not be viewed as pointless.

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