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The Uninhabitable Earth Article Analysis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Uninhabitable Earth Article Analysis There is complexity on the issue that climate change is, that it is impossible and naive to look at it in one perspective. In the author's piece titled “The Uninhabitable Earth” published in the New York Magazine, Wallace-Wells shares his concern about how the world is taking so lightly the issue of climate change. Wallace-Wells is concerned that the world is not concerned or alarmed enough about the possible repercussions that are about to unravel due to climatic change that has been occurring in the recent century (Wallace-Wells, 2017). He argues that the world needs to give the issue more attention and view it in more perspectives than just through the fears of rising sea levels (Wallace-Wells, 2017). True to what the climatic situation is currently in the world, Wallace-Wells argument is worthy of an audience, but his way of expressing his views will scare if not terrify his audience. Throughout the article, Wallace-wells vividly and frighteningly expresses the potential outcomes of the role that the human population played in accelerating global warming over the past few decades. Moreover, his argument is supported by facts and occurrences that are hard to ignore. For example, the heat waves that heat Karachi and Kolkata in 2015, where close to 1500 deaths were reported, supports his claim that heat death could be one of the repercussions of global warming (Wallace-Wells, 2017). It is important to acknowledge the fact that Wallace-Wells is right to paint the potential results of global warming as scary. The truth of the

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