Arguement on God’s Existence 2

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Name Tutor Course Date Argument on God’s existence Question 1 True. According to Anselm that to conceive God is a realization of His existence and that God has to exist for him to become ‘the greatest conceivable being.' Anselm continues to argue that do not just cease to exist or come to exist; there has to be a greater being that made it possible. The ontological argument also makes it known that the "greatest being" concept does not get altered by the fact that the concept is demonstrated in reality (Neilsen 82). Question 2 True. Anselm perspective of God's being aims at proving that he does not only exist in understanding but also in reality. He talks about the ‘fool' who denies the existence of God but observes that the same ‘fool' must have the understanding of God, just the same way one would have an understanding about unicorns even though unicorns do not exist. Anselm's argument here is that the ‘fool' has contradicting believe since, on the one hand, he agrees that ‘than-which-is-a-greater-cannot-be-thought' exists in the understanding, but the same ‘fool' disagrees of this been true in reality. Question 3 God is a being than that which nothing greater can be conceived. Anselm argues that God has to exist for Him to be the greatest being conceived. He continues to explain that this line of thought does not imply that we can amplify God's existence or Characterize Him but instead it suggests God's existence and God's concept has an illustration. Question 4 Yes, according to Anselm we can understand the notion that there are unicorns without believing that they exist and thus we can understand arguments or claims about God so

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