Argue against police body cameras. Advantages and disadvantages. Choose side to argue.

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Police Body Camera Name Institutional Affiliation Police Body Camera Perkins, G. (2017). Lights, Camera, Action! Body-worn Cameras: Challenges and Opportunities in Police Research. Policing: A Journal Of Policy And Practice. The main argument is on the benefits that come about with police utilizing the body cameras. The issue of body cameras has begun to gain momentum in the current society. The police are the ones who were employed to come up with the result. Quantitative research was the method that was used during the study and it proved to be very successful. They issued out questionnaires which were answered then assessed for purposes of coming up with the results. The results of the study were that the body cameras help in providing evidence during a case involving domestic violence. In most cases, domestic violence usually happens at home and in case there is no proof of physical injuries it becomes hard for the victim to prove. The camera allows them to see the victim’s injuries, demeanor together with the reactions that the person took place during the event. The additional research required is at what time is the camera taking the footage. Once the camera is reviewed later then the police officers can be able to see what transpired during the time of the assault. The author provided a persuasive argument because he was able to give an advantage to the police body camera. The article is relevant as it talks about why the public should support the police body cameras and make their lives safe. The finding helps in reducing criminal offenses as the victims of the domestic violence can now get justice.

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