Are video game bad for you?

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Name Professor's Name Course Number Date Are Video Games Bad for You The video games have been known to provide great entertainment for children and young adults. The war games, superheroes, police and the criminals are some of the games that involve endless shooting and fighting. With the recent developments in technology, the video games have evolved from 2-D to a variety of fast paced and realistic experiences. To most people, the rough and violent games are the most lucrative to watch and play. These video games can be good and bad depending on various factors. This argumentative essay analyzes whether the video games are good. First, video games provide a good form of entertainment for several people. When one is bored, he/she can easily switch to the video games and get entertained. The entertainment offers trough the video games are so many such that you can easily switch from one game to another. They are also flexible in that the gamer can switch from one mode or level to another level with the switch of a button. Therefore, the video games offer somebody an opportunity to spend free time while being entertained. On the same note, the video games enhance the ability of people to socialize within the community and build quality relationships. For example, video games offer a chance for the parents and their kids to play together within the common platform. Also, the video games enhance the bond between the friends as they challenge each other on their capabilities. The children also get the chance to socialize and make new friends in public gaming places. Such friendships can also be extended to other areas of life, leading to positive developments.

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