Are thoughts and experiences in the brain?

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Name Professor Course Date Are Thoughts and Experiences in the Brain? Introduction In a philosophical perspective, thoughts and experiences have their definitions. Philosophers have over time tried to define how thoughts and experiences related to the brain, leading to the establishment of some theories that try to explain the same. Thought refers to the ideas or arrangements of ideas that come about from the process of thinking. On the other hand, Experience, in a broader perspective is the knowledge or mastery of a particular subject that is achieved by involvement or exposure to the matter. Among the outstanding philosophers who tried to establish such a relationship is David Lewis. To explain his concepts about the philosophy of Mind, David uses the experiences of pain in analyzing distinct types of the mind philosophy including identity theory or functionalism and dualism. His recordings are outlined in a philosophical article known as mad pain and Martian Pain. In His article, David Lewis presents accounts of two people, a madman, and a Martian. The madman, in this case, is shown as a strange person, who sometimes feels pain just like we do, but his pain is significantly different from ours concerning its causes and effects. With us, our pain is caused by some aspects such as cuts, burns, pressure, among others. Unlike the strange person or the madman, our pain is distracting. With him, his pain results from his mind in the form of mathematics, facilitating some concentration but surprisingly does not cause any distraction to him. Furthermore, Lewis presents the madman as a person who does not get motivated to prevent his pain or get rid of it as it

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