Are Leaders Born or Made

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Are Leaders Born or Made? Student’s Name Date Introduction A leader is a person or an individual who commands or leads an organization, group, or a country. The question of whether leaders get made or born is quite a contentious matter of discussion that attracts all kind of arguments from different individuals. It is pretty evident that before one is a leader he is born, therefore, leaders are made after birth. It is for this reason that a good leader happens to be in a constant and a progressive mode of growth. Such a leader always strives in seeking new experiences while maintaining a personal introspection mode. Leaders handle a lot of information from many sources inclusive of their interpretations of life experiences, mentors, observations, and training. This paper explores to discuss the development of a leader, shed more light on whether leaders are either made or born, and what is expected of America to maintain its competitive advantage. Views on leaders according to Burns' video lecture It is worth noting that leadership involves one to being passionate about whatever they do, being confident on the team to lead and on oneself. At the birth time, all individuals are born with a lot of genetic baggage, although a few have their hereditary leadership qualities predispositions being more favorable towards qualities of leadership. Such genetic predispositions happen to be less prominent in the majority of individuals, despite them containing such attributes in their genetic baggage. After birth, everyone gets involved in constant interactions with different people and out of it individuals refine their values, and their natural behaviors become

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