Are Childhood Vaccinations Good or Bad?

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Name Institution Course Date Is Childhood Vaccination Good or Bad? Introduction Vaccination refers to administration of an antigenic compound (vaccine) into a person’s immune system for stimulation and development of adaptive immunity against pathogenic materials. The vaccine is essential in pre-build memory for the human body. Vaccines utilize natural defense mechanism of the body to develop immunity or resistance towards specific diseases and improves the health of both children and adults. It copies the body’s immune response against infections. It enables the immune system to destroy infections after detecting them; thereby, preventing reoccurrence of similar infection in the future before symptoms or complications occur. Vaccination protects individuals from dangerous infections. Immunization through vaccination is a safe, simple, and effective way of safeguarding children from being infected with certain diseases (Understanding Childhood Immunisation N.p.). A majority of these diseases can lead to fatal complications and sometimes even death of the host. The risk level of these infections is greater than the risk of immunizing children through the administration of vaccines either orally or through injections. Administering vaccines to create immunity is therefore still the most effective and safest way of preventing infections all over the world. It is approximated that vaccination saves an estimated three million lives every year. Thesis Childhood is the most critical stage of growth and development of human beings. Parents are tasked with the obligation of doing whatever it takes to keep their children safe from dangerous infections. Proponents have

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