Arab spring protest movement

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Students’ name Professor’s name Subject Date Arab Spring protest movement History is perceived as a change of cultural perspectives, buildings, technology, political and military events that are recorded from time to time. It also follows the explanation of recorded past events. The events either bring enhancement or destruction. The most remarkable history in the world is that of the Great Depression. The American economy was doing poorly, and many countries in the world were affected. People lacked jobs and the capital to pay for their basic needs. The following paper, on the other hand, focuses on the Arab Spring movement that occurred in Tunisia in early 2011. The main purpose of the spring was to protest against violence and unfair government tactics. The protest was aimed at restoring peace and justice to people. The context of the paper also focuses on the origin of the movements, historical context, key figures, key moments, strategies and impacts of the Arab Spring. MOVEMENT’S ORIGIN Significant developments took place in the ancient’s history, and the most recognized was that of the Middle East and North African regions of the world (Marcavitz 1-96). Egypt was known for its unique techniques in architecture. Pyramids were the most popular. A king at the time by the Name Hammurabi set up the first laws that recognized equality for all. People felt inspired by the laws. Unfortunately, the Europeans powers came and took away everything and the nations were left with nothing. The Arabs, on the other hand, grew to be a people of faith. They followed the Islam religion and adhered to its beliefs and rules. They were then ruled by the Ottomans and

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