Aquinas in Jail

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Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date: St. Thomas Aquinas – The Validity of the Natural Law Theory The Validity of Martin Luther King Argument, concerns and demands Are you persuaded by his appeal to Natural Law? Why an appeal to natural law is not an appeal to conscience To what is it an appeal? Introduction The Summa Theologiae is a philosophical argument and synthesis put forth by St. Thomas Aquinas to capture the fundamental ideas of the Natural Law Theory. Aquinas bases his analysis of the natural law by his understanding of God and the relationship between God and his creations. The natural law is strongly embedded in the eternal law where the latter comes from the intellect and the reason of God the creator. When examining whether there is one distinguishable form of eternal law, the philosopher observes one principle definition of all laws, a definition that overrides any other interpretation of law. He terms natural law (or eternal law) as a dictate of intellect and reason from the ruler to his subjects (Thomistic Philosophy 1). Nature and the character of the natural law stem from the reason and the intellect of the ruler. As such, what natural law seeks to attain is the proper functioning and conduct of the community that is ruled by a distinct ruler or authority. The natural law theory can, therefore, be seen as a document that seeks to enhance the character of governance from the State to the subjects (the people or citizens). Martin Luther King in his struggle for social revolution constantly referred to the natural law based on his interpretation and understanding of Thomas Aquinas doctrine. The validity of MLK argument is that it is based

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