Aquatic Science

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Question one Author: The author of the article is a news reporter from Reuter news service. The author possesses journalism skills, he also knows about molecular biology and aquatic science. Question two Concept: The scientific concept used is generalization and theories. The concept of Sea Sponges becoming a solution to the bacterial resistance is something that has supporting evidence gaining acceptance from the scientific community as truth. The author tells us that some undisclosed companies have already started incorporating the sponge into plastic materials used to make the devices. Question three Audience: From the professional terms used in the article, it is clear that the report aims at reaching the health professionals. It also aims at reaching the general public to gain their support. Finally, the article aims to reach the government. Question four Purpose: The purpose of the piece is to lure more professional health practitioners to research on the sea sponge as a countermeasure for bacterial resistance. Further, it aims to influence the government to approve the drug for administration in health facilities. Moeller explains how the drug restores the potency of antibiotics and goes further to provide statistics of the people who suffer from pathogenic infections caused by a biofilm. He concludes the statement by saying that the approval will take longer. The process of solving the problem is to involve more researchers on Sea Sponge project and influence the government to accept the drug implementation. Question 5 Significance: the piece is important as it tries to explain that there is an affordable solution to bacterial problems. In general,

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