Applying The Sociological Perspectives Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

Perspectives on Sex and Gender. Boston: Allyn & Bacon: Pearson. Hebert, L. (2011). Analyzing UN & NATO Responses to Sexual Misconduct in Peacekeeping Operations. In A. Kronsell, & E. Svedberg (Eds.), Making Gender, Making War: violence, military and peacekeeping practices (pp. 121-136). Routledge. Kamarck, K. N. (2016). Women in Combat: Issues for Congress. Washington: Congressional Research Service. Stachowitsch, S. (2013, Feb 19). Feminism and the Current Debates on Women in Combat. Retrieved Feb 2, 2018, from E-International Relations: Winslow, D. (2010). Gender and military sociology. Drottning...

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