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Caring for Self Student Name Institution Affiliation Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0Introduction PAGEREF _Toc467128106 h 32.0Clinical Situation PAGEREF _Toc467128107 h 33.0Relevance of Situation to Me Personally and Professionally PAGEREF _Toc467128108 h 44.0Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc467128109 h 54.1Burnout PAGEREF _Toc467128110 h 54.2Emotional Exhaustion PAGEREF _Toc467128111 h 64.3Depersonalization PAGEREF _Toc467128112 h 75.0Identification, Discussion, & Analysis of the Issues PAGEREF _Toc467128113 h 75.1Burnout PAGEREF _Toc467128114 h 75.2Emotional Exhaustion PAGEREF _Toc467128115 h 85.3Depersonalization PAGEREF _Toc467128116 h 106.0Analysis of how Future Practice may be Influenced PAGEREF _Toc467128117 h 117.0Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc467128118 h 128.0References PAGEREF _Toc467128119 h 13 IntroductionSelf-care is an important aspect of personal growth. However, this is especially important for those working in the healthcare industry. The reason behind this is that if the practitioner is not well organized and their individuality is not wholesome, then the services they offer would be substandard and thus would put the patients in jeopardy. Other than the patient’s health, the health of the practitioner in question is also important. Addressing the key elements of a human’s existence, which are their mind, body, and spirit, is essential if one is going to determine whether they are effective in exacting related clinical services (Turkel, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to delve into the issue of self-care by delimitating burnout, emotional exhaustion, and depersonalization. These issues have been closely associated with the lack of

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