Application of the Family Theories

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Name Instructor Course Date Application of the Family Theories The feminist theory views the social world via gender inequality. The theory focuses on the “power” of both female and male. It addresses the societal roles of women as well as the ongoing battles that they face. The important concepts in this theory include gender, religion, politics, and division of labor, (Doherty et al 13). Gender studies involve learning about women and men due to their interdependent qualities. Women are very rare in politics that is to say they are underrepresented across countries. The society divides roles based on women’s ability to give birth. Religion has always been significant as far as the oppression of women is concerned. The feminist theory presents several strengthens. Ever since its conception, this theory has greatly improved women affairs. For instance, women have been able to gain equality. Women in most countries are able to take part in elections, (Doherty et al 14). Women are capable of expressing themselves in public. There is a considerable level of confidence that women have gained enabling them to speak in public. Finally, women are capable of demanding their rights. Feminist theory has exaggerated some of the situations surrounding women. Many women believe that any sexual relationship with a man is a violent action and as such, they choose not to bear children, (Doherty et al 15). Feminism demands that everything be equal. For instance, when it comes to readings, an author needs to have two protagonists. This makes it difficult to find the right writing orders. Also, for countries like Mexico, harassment is exaggerated by most women. For example,

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