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Addresses Dear Sir / Madam, I wish to apply for a chance to be part of your living-learning community. I have not had the privilege of living in the learning community; however, I have experience in community services. I went to a Catholic high school where I worked as a volunteer, and I enjoyed being part of the team that carried out community services. Your program helps people to pursue their academic and personal goals. It also helps those with the same ideas to interact in a centralized place. It offers people the resources and support they require to help maintain a healthy environment which is fit to support life (Buch 1). Your community program gathers people with the same goals, making a team which is ready to achieve full environmental awareness. Joining your community will help me to meet people with the same ideas as mine making it easier to achieve environmental sustainability. I am an individual who values and appreciates the beauty of the community and its surroundings. I have a passion for interacting with people and contributing to our community welfare. I believe that learning does not only take place in the classroom, therefore, as a young person, I also need both social and academic interactions to make a positive impact on our society. The living-learning community offers people chances to acquire and equip themselves with these crucial skills (Buch 1). The community will offer me the opportunity and resources to improve our living environment. Through this program, I will be able to learn more about sustainability and environmental issues and how to overcome and manage risks associated with them. During my first semester of freshman year, I

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