Application for a Masters Program in Behavioral Psychology

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Application for a Masters Program in Behavioral Psychology. My father used to say to me “If you remain focused and serious about the things you do, nothing will ever be impossible to achieve.” With my origin in China and my family back in China, I never imagined studying abroad would be easy considering how connected I was to my parents and siblings. However, after several years of experience working in the preschool and elementary school, I have developed a very strong interest in the field of Behavioral Psychology and would like to take up a Masters program on the field in your institution. This way, I will achieve the dreams I have always had of helping and understanding the different behaviors I have seen in the schools I have worked in. Despite the challenges I have had to deal with in my undergraduate level, I have remained committed and focused on my work. I strongly believe I have made improvements in spite of the low cumulative Grades Point Average (GPA) which is at 3.18. This average is an improvement from what I had in my first semester in my undergraduate work which was at 1.70. Through my commitment and focus, I managed to maintain my GPA above 3 after my first and second semester despite the fact that I am a second language learner and have had to deal with psychological issues such as homesickness during my first semester in school. These two major challenges have been the main reason for my low cumulative GPA but I have since dealt with them and ready to further my studies in Masters in your institution. Fundamentally, I consider myself a hardworking and committed person since I have managed to overcome the challenges and record an improvement in my

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