App Store Essay Samples and Topic Ideas



app store, and we compare these two car-hailing services pricing differences and the reasons for the differences. Blue sg Grab Uber Taxi Base fare $0.0 $2.5 $3.0 $3.2 Minute cost $0.5 $0.16 $0.22 $0.30 Per km cost $0.0 $0.5 $0.47 $0.55 While there is a little gap of difference between these two car-hailing apps, the grab company seems to gain more customers than the rubber and other taxi operating a business (Wicaksono, Sulistio, Wardani,& Bramiana). This has made the grab app to be most downloaded in comparison to related taxi-hailing apps while on another long distances apps, Uber seems to gain more popularity and its preferred to grab as its more cheaper in a distance that covers more...