AP Art History

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AP art a course learned in various colleges and universities that entails the study and critical analysis of works of art within different contexts basing on culture and history while relating them to current issues such as politics, gender, religion, and ethnicity. Upon critical evaluation of a particular work of art, a student is required to describe to compare the works of art through essays or presentations. The course explores various artistic expressions that revolve around architecture, painting, sculpture and other media. All these come from across a variety of cultures such as the European Art where students study the history of visual art and Islamic art. They can study individual works of art such as the Persian Carpet and another embroidery, or architecture such as the Mosque and why it has its shape to evaluate its significance in the culture both religiously and culturally. Students also learn about the purpose and function of art by incorporating and performing an analysis of both visual and historical concepts in the study. This course requires constant research and review, and to pass in any class; a student is required to do sample tests regularly to gain real mastery of the subject. To study AP Art History in College, one can select to do majors such as American Studies, Architecture, Ethnic Studies, History, Philosophy and Theatre Arts among others. Those who are studying the course have an assurance of getting jobs in professions such as acting, community activism, sociology, rabbis and architectural work among others. It is thus a necessary course as it helps students to develop their observation and artistic skills as well as assist them to secure

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