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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Influence of the New Amsterdam and the Dutch on the United States In the study of history, there is the realization that many things happened between the years 1620 and 1870. These happenings include the influence of New Amsterdam and the Dutch on the United States. This aspect refers to the settlement of the Dutch in the southern tip of the Manhattan Island in the seventeenth century. The settlement served as the center of the colonial government in the New Netherlands; hence, it was a strategic settlement. The purpose of the settlement was to protect the Dutch West India Company in the North River which was engaged in the fur trade. The Dutch settlement became a provincial expansion of the Dutch Republic in 1624. In 1625 it became the designate capital of the province. One of the influences of the new Dutch settlement was the changing of the name Amsterdam to New York in the year 1664. The change of the name was in honor of the Duke f York. The second Anglo- Dutch War came to happen between the years 1665 to 1667. Upon the end of the war, there was the agreement of England and the United provinces of Netherlands in the treaty of Brenda which got signing in the year 1667. The treaty brought about many changes which had not been in anticipation in the preceding years. Following the agreement, English kept the Manhattan Island while the Dutch would give up the claim to the town and the rest of the colony, (Antczak, Magdalena & Konrad, 203). In return, the England would have formal abandonment of the island of Run. The Dutch was enthusiastic over the agreement because it offered them the opportunity to control the valuable Spice

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