Any kind of a mental illness

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Bipolar Disorder Introduction Bipolar disorder, sometimes known as manic-depressive illness, refers to a brain disorder that occasions unusual changes in mood, activity levels, energy, as well as the ability to accomplish routine tasks effectively. Four types of bipolar disorder exist, with all involving patent changes in mood and levels of activity. These include bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, cyclothymia (also known as cyclothymic disorder), and other unspecified or specified bipolar or related disorders (Lewis 7). Bipolar I disorder is usually typified by manic episodes that endure for at least seven days. These episodes are usually severe that the individual may need hospital care and depressive episodes may also occur, usually lasting at least fourteen days. Conversely, bipolar II disorder is usually characterized by hypomanic and depressive episodes without the manic episodes that characterize bipolar I disorder while cyclothymia is usually defined by several interludes of hypomanic and depressive symptoms that last for at least a year in adolescents and children (two years in adults). It is worth noting that bipolar disorder may occur in patterns that do not match the symptoms of the aforementioned categories, hence the classification “other unspecified or specified bipolar or related disorders.” The Causes of Bipolar Disorder The exact causes of bipolar disorder are yet to be understood. However, the disorder appears to run in families, pointing to the possible role of genetics in the development of this mood disorder. Evidence on the role of the environment and lifestyle choices on the development of

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